Welcome to the design capital!

Inspired by Helsinki being the World Design Capital in 2012 we would like to bring digital design and development into line with other sides of design and encourage you to think of all these practices as parts of one craft.

Webshaped is a one day, two track event, where design and development go hand in hand. This year, prepare to not only listen, but also see, touch and feel at Webshaped 2013!


Webshaped 2013 will be held 23rd of May.


For the second year in a row Webshaped takes place at Wanha Satama. Wanha Satama lies in the Helsinki seaside; a venue combining modern technology with the historical atmosphere of a shipyard.


Hand crafted with love by Katja and Antti

Katja Zorina Katja Antti Salonen Antti

Helsinki open device lab at Webshaped

All the devices of the Helsinki open device lab will be at display and for you to test at Webshaped 2013. Checkout out devicelab.fi for more information about the project.

Coffee will be served by Johan & Nyström

Passionate about coffee we set out to change the Swedish coffee culture, break the anonymity of the bean and to promote the skill and craftsmanship that goes into a good cup of coffee. johanochnystrom.com